A Smart Thermostat is great way to monitor your Charlotte Home

May 21, 2020by admin
Lennox Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats are among the many available items to make your life easier and streamline the functions for your home. For those that are not tech-savvy, smart products for your home may be overwhelming and make you feel anything but smart. Hopefully once you understand the purpose of the products, that their design enables you to stay in control and monitor your home when you can’t be there, you won’t be intimated!  You can take advantage of what smart products have to offer. Read below about the Smart Thermostat and how you can monitor your current home or your second home remotely.


What Is A Smart Thermostat and How Will It Help You?

A Smart Thermostat has the ability to control the temperature in your home remotely through a smartphone, tablet, remote control, or by voice.

Smart Thermostats can actually “learn” from your behaviors. Over time, they recognize and remember your regular heating and cooling habits, as well as your comings and goings. They will determine the most appropriate temperature based on the time of year, the time of day, the number of occupants, and previous patterns of use. They can determine temperature for the whole house or per room (each room would need to have a separate sensor).

Connect to Other Smart Devices in Charlotte, NC

Advanced smart thermostats can also connect with other devices used in your home. By recognizing and connecting to these devices, the thermostat will know when people are in the home and when people leave the home. Two of your most popular “Smart” devices are Alexa and Google Home.  Here are two links on Amazon that will show you compatible thermostats for Alexa and Google Home.

Smart Thermostats enable you to monitor the temperatures of your home. At a bare minimum, you can change the temperature of your home remotely, and geo-fencing is avaibable without connecting to a smart home network. But they can do more, depending on the type you purchase. As mentioned above, some Smart Thermostats will adjust temperatures based on what it has “learned” about your behaviors and your heating/cooling patterns.

In Case of Emergency

Smart Thermostats can also notify you of a cooling or heating emergency or problems with your HVAC system. Look for the specifications you are looking for and consult your local heating and air company to help you determine which system is right for you.  Contact us at Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning to answer any questions.

If you find yourself away from the home often, forgetful about whether you turned the heat or air up or down, or you have a second home or rental property, you may want to consider purchasing a Smart Thermostat. Over time, they save you money and give you peace of mind.


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