What Should I Do When My A/C Isn’t Working?

May 31, 2017by Sophie The Dog
What Should I Do When My A/C Isn’t Working?

When temperatures move into the 90s and higher this summer in Charlotte, reliable air conditioning becomes an absolute necessity. So if your air conditioner won’t turn on, you’ll need the quickest possible solution to get cool air flowing again. Here are 5 tips from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning for what to do when your A/C isn’t working.

Check thermostat battery

The thermostat is one of the first places you should check for any A/C troubleshooting. Step one is to make sure that it’s actually working. If it doesn’t light up or the display won’t show, the batteries may be dead. Without batteries, the thermostat can’t function as the brain of the HVAC system. Change those batteries to get your cool air back.

Set thermostat to AUTO

Once your thermostat is working again, check to see what fan setting it’s on. If it says ON in small letters, your fan will continue to turn even when the A/C isn’t producing cool air. This can make your home feel much warmer than it should. Set your fan to AUTO to stay comfortable this summer.

A/C isn’t working? Check power to the house

As thunderstorms become more and more frequent in spring and summer, power outages become more common. If your air conditioner is completely off after a storm, check your lights and other appliances to see if your home has electricity. You may need to call your energy provider to get your A/C running again.

Change your air filter in Charlotte, NC

Sometimes, air conditioning problems can be fixed with a simple filter change. Check your air filter to see if it’s clogged or dirty. If so, replace it with a clean air filter so it can run efficiently and provide cool, clean air for your home.

Comfort Guard Protection from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

Inevitably, your air conditioner will run into a problem that needs professional maintenance. When this happens, you’ll want to be sure that you get quick, timely HVAC service. That’s where Comfort Guard Protection from Patterson comes in. With our Comfort Guard Protection preventative maintenance plans, you’ll get priority scheduling on any maintenance calls, so you won’t be left in the heat when your A/C isn’t working.

Call Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning today to see how Comfort Guard Protection can benefit you!


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