Air Conditioning Repair in Charlotte and why you may need it

May 15, 2014by Sophie The Dog

Air Conditioning  Repair - Charlotte NC

Jonathan Lambeth performing a diagnostic to determine if the unit needs air conditioning repair.

It’s imperative to have a working air conditioner in Charlotte during the hot summer months. If you aren’t an air conditioning repair expert when your system goes out, it won’t take long before the cool air escapes your home. This is why it’s beneficial to be able to tell when an air conditioner needs maintenance before it’s too late. If your AC unit shows these visible problems below, it’s time to call Patterson Heating and Air.

Fluids leaking from the AC system

Moist air passes through the evaporation coil causing condensation which is normal. But, if your system is leaking other fluids, a mechanical problem is probably afoot which will require the attention of Patterson Heating and Air. The leaking of water outside or inside your home could mean that the coil drainage system is stopped up. An oil leakage could be due to a rust issue that is halting the efficiency of your unit. If refrigerant is leaking that is a major sign that air conditioning repair is needed.

Strange noises coming from the Air Conditioner

A weird sound coming from your AC can not only be annoying but could also mean your system is about the break down. Make sure you note the kind of noise so you can tell your technician and they will be prepared for what may be causing it. If one of the electrical components in the system is about to die it will cause a buzzing sound. A strong vibration or clunking noise may signify that the blowing mechanism is off track or the bearings have to be replaced. Either way, when you notice a strange noise, give Patterson Heating and Air a call.

Poor cooling performance from your HVAC

When air conditioner performance is down, many of the same issues above may be present. For example, leaks will lower the efficiency of the unit, increasing the time it will take to cool a room. Still, a faulty air conditioner doesn’t always exhibit audible and/or visible symptoms. The performance issues may manifest first before a leak or noise occurs. If you believe you may have a problem, examine your utility bills. Strangely high energy costs can mean that your system isn’t properly working. Having Patterson Heating and Air examine your system could lower your monthly energy bills.

It may be possible that you only need simple Charlotte air conditioning repair. If you’re lucky, your broken air conditioning unit can be fixed with a single replacement part.  Often times; a major repair is needed and your best bet could be air conditioning replacement, especially if your system is over 10 years old and has needed prior repairs. A Patterson technician can go over the benefits of air conditioning repair versus complete replacement. To schedule a service call please fill out schedule service form.   Installation of a new system may be costly at first but, it could save you money in the long run.



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