Tips & AdviceDoes My Attic Need More Insulation? How Do I Tell If I Have Enough?

February 21, 2019by Sophie The Dog

With winter upon us in Charlotte, you’ve probably seen your fair share of ads about making sure your home is properly insulated to help reduce your heating bills. You might have even ventured into your attic to take a look at the insulation. But, how do you know if you have enough insulation or if you need more?

Why Do I Need It?

It makes good economic sense. The bottom line is that insulation saves you money. Heat rises in the winter, and you want to keep it from escaping your home from a poorly insulated attic. And in the summer, your attic can become stifling, even dangerously hot, when your home is not properly insulated.

How Do I Know If I Need More in Charlotte?

First, take a look at the Energy Star website and find out the recommended level of insulation for your region. The Carolinas are levels three and four. This is a good starting point to know the recommended guidelines, but what does it all mean? Insulation is measured in R values which reflect the thermal performance, or how well the insulation resists the heat’s ability to travel through it.

Second, look at the insulation in your attic. If the insulation level is below the floor joists, then you will definitely need to add more. If the insulation is above the floor joists, then measure how much you have. For fiberglass and cellulose insulation, every inch is estimated as an R3. According to the Energy Star website, the recommended insulation level in the Charlotte area is R38. This means you should have at least twelve to thirteen inches of insulation in your attic.

What Do I Do If I Need More?

Before you add more insulation, you’ll want to make sure to seal any leaks. If you’re not sure whether you have leaks or how to add more insulation, it’s best to hire a professional. Speak to your certified HVAC professional at Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning about your insulation needs. They can be a great source to talk to you about your different options for insulation, such as spray foam insulation. Spray foam is a powerful insulator that is applied over your existing insulation and can seal up cracks and leaks. Patterson can be your source to answer many questions you have about your home’s insulation.

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