Top 4 Tips to Prevent Furnace Breakdown

February 21, 2018by Sophie The Dog

A furnace breakdown is the worst case scenario for your HVAC system during winter. So how can you prevent your heating system from failing at the worst possible time? Just follow these 4 tips from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning.

Signs you’re headed for a furnace breakdown

Fortunately, there are ways to tell if your furnace is at risk of breaking down soon. First of all, the furnace is designed to keep your home warm. If you’ve noticed it never seems to reach the thermostat temperature, then it’s struggling. Also, the furnace shouldn’t have to constantly cycle (turn on and off) in order to heat your home. Finally, loud banging or hissing noises could indicate your heating system has a serious problem.

Seal your home in Charlotte

When warm air escapes your home as quickly as it’s produced, it puts enormous strain on the furnace. Even the smallest cracks and holes around your doors and windows can let air outside, overworking your heating system and raising your energy bills. Seal your home with caulk and weatherstripping to prevent furnace breakdown.

Clean air vents

Too much air pressure can also overwork and even damage the furnace. Use a damp rag to clean dust off all air supply and return registers. This includes wiping the outside grill and inside the mouth of the ductwork. In addition, make sure no furniture or rugs are covering any vents. Air will flow smoothly and efficiently, reducing the chance of furnace failure.

Preventative HVAC maintenance plan

At Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning, our preventative maintenance plans are designed to do just that: prevent. With just two annual visits under our Comfort Guard Protection Plan, you can prevent the vast majority of issues that may lead to a furnace breakdown during colder weather. Call or click today to learn more about our maintenance plans!


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