Tips & AdviceHow to Save Money and Energy During the Holidays in Charlotte

November 7, 2018by Sophie The Dog

It’s that time of year again. Time to get out the decorations, make shopping lists for family dinners, Christmas presents, and spend time with family. It’s also a season of high energy bills. Between keeping the home warm and using your oven and dishwasher more frequently, you may notice a substantial increase in your energy bills. Here are some ways you can save money and energy during the busy holiday season.

Cook the Turkey, Dressing, and Potatoes Together

When you’re cooking a holiday meal for your extended family, it seems the oven is on all day. Think of ways you can use your oven more efficiently. Try cooking your meals all at once and at the same temperature. Select the meal that cooks at the lowest temperature and cook all the dishes at that temperature. You’ll need to rethink your cook times, but at least you won’t run your oven the entire day.

Run the Dishwasher When Full

Wait until the dishwasher is full before you start it. It’s just a waste of energy, water, and dishwasher detergent to run a dishwasher that isn’t full. Why be wasteful? Sometimes little things make a big difference.

Use Candles to Light Your Charlotte home

Cold winter months mean higher heating bills. One easy way you can save on your energy bills is to use candles instead of lights. Enjoy the warm, glow of candles instead of paying a higher electric bill. But remember safety first…..Please remember to keep candles out of reach of children and make sure to blow out every candle before bed.

Turn the Thermostat Down a Couple Degrees When Family Is Over

You may be wondering why you should turn down the thermostat when company is over. You want your company to feel comfortable in your home after all. But, the more people in your home, the warmer it will feel. A full house equals a warm house!

Use the Christmas Tree to Light the Room

You’re going to want to enjoy the lights of the Christmas all season so why not use the Christmas tree lights to light up the room. Not only will the kids love it and, quite possibly, remind you of your own childhood, it can save you money from having extra lights on.

From Sophie and all the folks at Patterson, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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