In this article, we hope to provide some insight into how a common HVAC system functions and what each component is used for. When it comes to repairs, it is important that you as a customer understands exactly what you are paying for. At Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to build trust with our customers in Charlotte, NC. Continue reading to learn about our passion and to get a better idea on how your home works to keep you comfortable!


Step One – Starting Outdoors

The HVAC process all starts at the heat pump or outside condenser. It is the unit used to exchange heat with the outdoor air, precisely controlling the indoor temperature to your desired level. The heat pump or condenser houses a condenser coil inside of it, which is used to expel heat from the refrigerant. The heat pump runs the condenser fan to remove the heat from the coil, thus expelling the heat removed from your home and away from the condenser. The refrigerant is then moved through insulated lines into your home.

Step Two – Moving Inside

The cooled refrigerant travels upstairs to your attic and enters the evaporator coil in your upstairs unit, known as the air handler. The air handler has 3 main components – a return, a blower, and evaporator coil. Warm air from your home is drawn into the air handler via the return, and the blower pushes it through the cold evaporator coil. Condensation builds up on the coil as it is cools below the dew point temperature, releasing humidity from your home. This warm air causes the cooled refrigerant in your evaporator coil to produce water or condensate, which pulls moisture from the air. This essentially cools the warm air and feeds it back to the supply ducts in your home. Most people tend to think that air conditioning units actually generate cool air, but in reality they are recycling the warm air in your home to cool it off, where it is then circulated back out through your vents.

Step Three – Completing the Cycle

After the refrigerant passes through the cold evaporator coil and removes moisture from the air, the warmed refrigerant from the air handler flows back to the heat pump or condensing unit. Once it returns to the outside unit, it is then cooled to be used again in the same process as the cycle continues. This ends the cycle of the refrigerant and completes the cooling process in your home. Heat pumps can also be used to heat homes by reversing the cycle of the refrigerant flow. Homes can also be heated by furnaces, which generally house the air blower inside that moves air around year-round, fitting in perfectly to the process described above.

With all of these moving and flowing components, some things are bound to go wrong over years of continued use. Here at Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning, we work with all components of HVAC systems and are experts at solving the problems that come with them. Give us a call for help with any of your HVAC problems and Patterson will keep your home comfortable all year long!

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