5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality in Charlotte

August 24, 2017by Sophie The Dog
indoor air quality

If you’re like most people in the Charlotte area, you’ll spend most of your life indoors. Therefore, indoor air quality is essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 ways you can improve your indoor air quality.

Vacuum & clean

Dirt and dust found on your floors and surfaces account for much of the indoor air pollution in your home. Try to wipe down surfaces and vacuum floors at least once a week to keep the dust and allergens at bay.

Sorry, Sophie: Bath time for pets

We love our girl Sophie, but like most four-legged friends, her fur can be a major source of allergies. Bathe and groom your pets roughly once a month, and try to keep them out of the bedroom and bathroom.

Dehumidify your home

Charlotte gets pretty humid in the summer, and this can lead to rapid mold and mildew growth in your home. Set the humidity level on your thermostat to below 50 percent- usually around 45 percent is ideal. (As a bonus, this will lower your energy bills, too.) Also, a dehumidifier will do wonders to lower the moisture levels in your home.

Change your filters

This is the first lesson of HVAC Maintenance 101. Without clean filters, your home will be filled with dirty air. Make sure to change your air filter at least once a month. And, just like dehumidifying, this is a quick and easy way to cut down on your energy usage.

Improve indoor air quality with Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

Your HVAC system does the best job of removing pollutants in the air when it’s running efficiently. And the most effective way to get efficient A/C is with professional maintenance. Our Comfort Guard Protection plans will reduce the need for costly repairs and keep your air conditioner pumping clean, comfortable air through your home year round.

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