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February 12, 2016by Sophie The Dog

How long has it been since your air conditioner has had a tune-up? If it’s been so long you can’t remember, you could be wasting money on higher than necessary electric bills. It’s easy to forget about your air conditioner as long as it’s working well enough. Many people don’t give a thought to their HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system unless it goes out. That’s when you realize how important it is. If your AC does go out, you may be stuck in a stuffy home or office while you wait for a repair. Interested in avoiding this uncomfortable situation? Schedule Charlotte Air Conditioning Repair before a problem arises.

How does AC repair help me lower my energy bill?

Typical AC repair and maintenance includes cleaning, inspecting, repairing, and possibly replacing various parts of your air conditioner.

  • Cleaning. As air conditioners run, they accumulate dirt and dust, despite the use of filters (which eliminate a lot of the dirt, but not all.) When dirt builds up on the evaporator coil, the part that takes in warm air and cools it down, it cannot do its job. The dirt acts as an insulator that keeps the coil from being able to absorb heat in order to make cool air. A dirty condenser coil causes the system to run hot, therefore the unit cannot get rid of the heat, which causes a loss in cooling capacity.
  • Inspecting. A technician will check every part of your AC for wear. Electrical wires are checked for proper connection and voltage. A full diagnostic is run on your system that will show any signs of malfunction.
  • Repairing/Replacing. Any worn out parts will be repaired, if possible, or replaced if necessary.

When all of this has been done, your AC will run much more efficiently, using significantly less energy, and lowering your electric bill by a noticeable margin.

How does HVAC maintenance help me avoid high repair costs?

When your HVAC system is inspected, cleaned, and repaired yearly, it reduces the chance that it will break down unexpectedly. If your AC fails after business hours at night or on the weekend, most HVAC companies charge a higher emergency or after-hours repair fee. You can avoid these fees when your AC has been properly maintained and is less likely to break down. Maintenance also extends the overall lifespan of your system, meaning you get many more years of good use out of your AC before it needs to be replaced.

The Advantages of Charlotte HVAC Maintenance from Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning

Now that you know the benefits of Charlotte HVAC maintenance, consider the advantages of a Comfort Guard Protection Plan from Patterson. A Comfort Guard Protection Plan includes twice yearly tune-ups, one for your heat and one for your air conditioning. In the event you do need repairs between tune-ups, you enjoy priority scheduling and a 15% discount on repairs. We also waive our diagnostic fee for our maintenance plan customers in the case of a same day repair, and you receive a $50 credit toward a new system, if needed. Sign up for a maintenance plan or call (704) 288-4535 and start saving today.


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