4 Tips to Prepare Your AC Unit for Spring

February 22, 2017by Sophie The Dog
prepare your ac unit for spring

With temperatures already reaching the 70s here in Charlotte, it’s clear that spring will be here before we know it. Is your HVAC system ready for the warmer weather ahead? Here are Patterson’s 4 tips to prepare your AC unit for spring.

1. Switch to a programmable thermostat in Charlotte

After the winter heating bills have taken their toll, you’ll be looking for any way to save on energy costs. Programmable thermostats have zoning capabilities, allowing you to cut back on your energy usage. In addition, smart thermostats are smartphone compatible so you can control your AC anywhere, any time.

2. Clean leaves & debris from your air conditioner

Before you switch to AC, you need to be sure your outside unit is clear of anything that can obstruct the airflow. Brush off any leaves or debris that have fallen on or around the air conditioner, and trim back any overgrown shrubbery. If you have a heat pump, the outdoor unit will have ideally been maintained throughout the winter, but the same rules apply.

3. Change filters

No matter what the season, a clean air filter is critical for any healthy HVAC system. Clean air filters increase efficiency, which means more comfort and lower cooling costs. They also help to alleviate spring allergies. Start the season off right with a fresh filter, and change your filter once a month.

4. Prepare your AC unit for spring with maintenance from Patterson

Without professional maintenance, your HVAC system is guaranteed to have some costly problems. Maintenance is especially necessary in spring in fall when the weather begins to change. If you haven’t scheduled your seasonal system check-up yet, call Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’ll run diagnostics, clean, check and repair your equipment if necessary so you’ll have cool, clean air all spring and summer in Charlotte, NC.

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