Comfort Guard Protection: Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans

March 31, 2017by Sophie The Dog
preventative HVAC maintenance

When it comes to taking care of your HVAC system, regular maintenance is crucial. Read on to see why you need a preventative HVAC maintenance plan from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning.

Preventative HVAC maintenance plans in Charlotte, NC

You may be wondering, “Why do I need a HVAC maintenance plan? I stay on top of my filter changes.” While changing the filter is certainly vital to your equipment’s performance, the HVAC system requires more in-depth servicing. Preventative maintenance from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning keeps your system running efficiently year-round, reducing the number of costly repairs needed over time. In addition, this will prolong your HVAC system’s useful life, saving you from the cost of a premature replacement.

Comfort Guard preventative maintenance benefits

“So, what exactly does a preventative maintenance plan from Patterson do for me?” Well, with our Comfort Guard Protection plans, you get peace of mind knowing your HVAC system will deliver peak performance, no matter what time of year. With priority scheduling, you won’t have to wait if you need emergency heating or cooling repair. Your energy bills will be lower, and your home’s air will be cleaner and more comfortable.

HVAC savings from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

“So, what’s the catch?” There’s no catch! In fact, the only surprise here are the endless savings you’ll enjoy with one of our preventative HVAC maintenance plans. With Comfort Guard Protection, you’ll get a $50 annual credit towards a new air conditioner and heating system. Also, our plans include a 15% discount on all repairs and a free diagnostic (normally valued at $99). With all these savings, you can reap the benefits of Comfort Guard Protection for just $76 a year! You won’t find a better value for the kind of professional HVAC service Patterson provides. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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