Should My Heat Pump Use R410A Refrigerant?

October 16, 2017by Sophie The Dog
R410A refrigerant

As a heat pump owner, you enjoy efficient air conditioning and heating year-round. But could you be saving more money with a different refrigerant? Read on to see if R410A refrigerant is right for your home.

What is HVAC refrigerant?

In traditional HVAC systems, furnaces use gas fuel while air conditioners use refrigerant to transfer heat outside of the home. On the other hand, heat pumps provide both cooling and heating functions. Refrigerant allows heat pumps to move heat indoors or outdoors depending on the time of year.

R410A refrigerant vs. R-22: Which is better?

For decades, R22 was the standard for residential HVAC refrigerant. However, R22 has been linked to ozone depletion, and therefore all production has been banned by 2020. Fortunately, there’s a superior alternative. R410A is an efficient and more environmentally-friendly refrigerant that is safe for use in heat pumps.

Can my Charlotte heat pump use R410A?

Because of the ban, R22 supplies are becoming increasingly rare and expensive, and this trend will continue as stockpiles diminish. So, if you’re like most homeowners, a cheaper, less price-volatile, and more efficient option like R410A seems like the obvious choice. However, not all systems are made to use R410A. R22 heat pumps cannot use R410A, and cannot be converted into R410A compatible systems.

Heat pump replacement from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

Buying a new heat pump just to use a different refrigerant may seem like a low priority, but consider a few factors. First, finding R22 to recharge your current system will become increasingly expensive as supplies continue to run down. Second, those supplies will be harder to locate, wasting your valuable time. Finally, R22 is less efficient than R410A refrigerant, so you’ll have higher energy bills and more frequent repairs. A new R410A heat pump is an excellent investment that will provide you and your family with efficient and affordable comfort for years to come.

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