How to Use a Space Heater Safely This Winter

January 26, 2018by Sophie The Dog
space heater

With the kind of winter we’ve been having in Charlotte, it’s safe to say many local homeowners will look for extra warmth wherever they can get it. Before you break out the space heater, however, read this guide from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning.

Which space heater should you use

There are various types of space heaters available for residential use. Unfortunately, many of these are more trouble than they’re worth. Models that use gas or oil are typically not recommended for in-home use because of the fumes they produce. Use a portable, electric space heater for the safest experience for your home.

Space heater safety tips in Charlotte

If not used correctly, a space heater can be a major fire hazard for your home. Follow these safety tips to reduce the chance of a fire caused by your safety heater:

• Make sure the safety heater is turned off and unplugged at night
• Make sure to unplug before leaving your home
• Always plug into the wall- never into an extension cord
• Establish an area that keeps kids and pets at least three feet away from the heater
• Move all blankets and curtains away from the space heater
• Check that the space heater is UL Listed

Bonus tip: Make sure all your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are up to date and have fresh batteries!

Furnace inspection from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

While space heaters can be helpful on a particularly cold night, they’re generally less efficient than central heating and should be used sparingly. Typically, we recommend you use your heater in only one or two rooms that run colder than the rest of the house. If you want a warmer house and lower energy bills, however, call Patterson. Our expert technicians can improve your HVAC unit efficiency or provide replacement options that fit your needs.

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