The Benefits of a New Furnace for Charlotte Homeowners

January 25, 2022by admin
New furnace

Are you considering a new furnace for your home? If the expense of a diagnosed repair exceeds 40 percent of the cost of new equipment, you are much better off replacing your heating unit.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of purchasing a new furnace.

New equipment provides better comfort and peace of mind

A new furnace provides peace of mind and reliability, that when it is cold outside, it is going to work and heat your home. High-efficient gas furnaces are designed to deliver comfortable heat during all types of weather, even in very cold temperatures.

Higher AFUE (Annual Flue Utilization Efficiency)

If your current furnace is over 15 years old, it is probably not working as efficiently as it once did. If your electrical bill is higher than in previous years, it could be due to an old furnace. Installing a new furnace will help lower your home’s energy bills.

Older systems may operate around 65% AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiently. AFUE is a measurement of the thermal efficiency of any combustion equipment such as a furnace, boiler, or water heater.

When a heating system has a 65% AFUE rating, it produces 65 BTU’s of useful heating for every 100 BTU’s of natural gas, or heating oil output. A high-efficiency or condensing gas furnace has AFUE ratings of over 90%. The energy savings can pay for the initial investment of new equipment in only a few years.

Variable Speed Blower provides more comfort and savings for Charlotte homeowners

The most efficient gas furnaces usually have two heat exchangers, a sealed combustion chamber and a variable-speed blower.

Instead of starting of the heating unit starting its cycle on high, the furnace can operate at a lower speed when needed and deliver more usable heat at steadier temperatures. These types of furnaces provide much more even temperatures in your home.  You will notice less temperature swings in your home. This also means your furnace will consume less natural gas and operate more efficiently.


If a professional HVAC technician has found a cracked heat exchanger in your existing equipment – take this very seriously. If this happens, the gases in your heating system, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide, could leak into your home, causing illness, or in extreme cases death. If enough combustible gas builds up in your home, it can lead to a furnace fire.

Not only should you have your equipment inspected by one of Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning’s highly trained technicians, but you should also have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home.

Warranty is worth it for Charlotte residents

All professional HVAC contractors offer workmanship and installation warranties. This warranty covers the equipment if it is damaged during the installation process and performance issues related to the functionality of the equipment for one year from the installation date. 

Most HVAC equipment manufacturers offer extended warranty periods for homeowners who register the equipment with their company, once installed. This can be as much as double the coverage period of an unregistered warranty. Many brands offer extended warranties, coverage not included in the purchase price of new equipment, but it is purchased separately.

The first thing you should do after the installation of your equipment is register your furnace with the manufacturer. Some installation contractors offer to do it for you; however, make sure you have a confirmation sent to you.

Should I get a new furnace?

Remember, if you are thinking about getting a new furnace, keep in mind, fuel costs tend to increase, not decrease; and the monthly savings, if you do decide to purchase a new furnace, will continue after you reach the “payback” period of new equipment.

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