Clogged Condensate Drain – Air Conditioning Problems in Charlotte

August 5, 2014by Sophie The Dog

condensate-drainCharlotte is known for its long, hot summer season. Common air conditioning problems are par for the course when your air conditioner works hard night and day to keep you comfortable. An annual tune-up by a qualified HVAC technician from Patterson will go a long way toward preventing these problems and keep your air conditioner humming efficiently all summer long. It also will benefit you in these key ways:

  • Increase your system’s efficiency.
  • Lower your utility bills.
  • Extend the life of your system.

One of the most common AC problems is a clogged condensate drain. The condensate pan under the evaporator coil in your indoor air conditioning unit catches the condensation that drips from the coil. A PVC drain leads from the pan to an outdoor location or a drain in the floor. If the drain becomes clogged, the condensate pan will overflow and shut down your system with a properly installed safety device. Preventive maintenance includes flushing the condensate drain to help prevent clogs. There are a couple of things you can do to help prevent obstructions:

  • Maintain the area around your indoor unit to prevent debris like dust and pet hair from settling in the pan.
  • Keep the area around the terminal end of the condensate drain clear of dirt, leaves and other outside debris that can enter the drain and cause an obstruction.
  • Change filter regularly.
  • Check your pan several times over the course of the summer for mold growth and other debris.
  • Clear clogs when they are visible.

If your condensate drain becomes clogged, turn off the power to your system at the main circuit breaker. Remove standing water in the condensate pan with a wet/dry vacuum, then insert a plumber’s snake or flexible plastic tubing into both ends of the drain to clear obstructions. Pour a solution of a quarter cup of vinegar and a gallon of warm water into the drain to remove any remaining debris. Thoroughly dry any water around your air conditioner to prevent mold growth.

For more expert advice about clogged condensate drains and other common air conditioning problems, please contact Patterson Heating and Air, proudly serving the Charlotte area since 1946.

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