Tips & AdviceCentral vs. Ductless HVAC: Which Is Best?

September 14, 2017by Sophie The Dog

Choosing a new HVAC system depends on several factors. AC units come in various brands, models, and sizes for different homes. However, you’ll also have to choose between central or ductless HVAC. So which is best for your home? Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning has the answers.

Central AC benefits in Charlotte

Most homes in the Charlotte area use central HVAC systems for their heating and cooling needs, and that’s because they are highly effective. Central HVAC consists of air conditioners and furnaces which operate independently. Gas-fueled furnaces are reliable heat sources that will keep your home warm no matter what the outside conditions are. In addition, central HVAC typically costs less to install than ductless units.

What is ductless HVAC?

Ductless air conditioners, or mini-splits, are actually small heat pumps that can be installed in individual rooms of the home. Since they’re technically heat pumps, they provide cooling and heating solutions for year-round comfort. The biggest difference between the two systems is that central HVAC uses extensive ductwork to move air throughout the home, while ductless units eliminate ductwork and instead provide treated air to separate areas of your home.

Benefits of a mini-split from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

So why opt for mini-splits in your home? Well, ductless HVAC is remarkably efficient, especially in Charlotte homes. Using several mini-splits, you can create zones in your home with independent temperature and humidity settings. In addition, the lack of ductwork reduces dust and mold buildup in the HVAC system. Finally, if you’re installing HVAC in a old or historic home, mini-splits are great solutions. They don’t require any of the invasive ductwork that can turn your remodel into a major investment.

Still not sure whether central or ductless HVAC is right for your home? Call Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning today! Our team can help you determine which cooling and heating solutions will offer maximum value and comfort for you and your family.


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