Heating Systems and Carbon Monoxide: Why You Need a Fall HVAC Inspection

September 21, 2016by Sophie The Dog

carbon-monoxide-inspectionThis winter, homeowners throughout the Charlotte area will rely on HVAC systems to keep their homes warm. And if there is one thing that keeps all these systems running smoothly throughout the season, it’s routine maintenance. Read on to see why a fall inspection by Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure your home stays comfortable and safe this winter.

Save money and increase comfort

We at Patterson know all too well that cold weather means higher utility bills, which is why our inspections and maintenance plans place a great deal of focus on efficiency. When HVAC systems operate efficiently, they consume less energy, which in turn cuts down on monthly bills. We perform an array of tests and general upkeep to make your equipment is as energy efficient as possible. Along with reducing energy costs, increased efficiency means a more comfortable home during winter months. Proper HVAC maintenance keeps temperature, air-flow, and humidity levels all consistent, providing the maximum level of comfort that your equipment can deliver. Having your system inspected before winter will guarantee optimal performance when colder weather arrives.

Keep your Charlotte home carbon monoxide free

Above all else, safety is paramount for you and your family. With that being said, a thoroughly inspected and maintained heating system is the safest heating system. Furnaces, gas operated ones in particular, emit carbon monoxide during normal operation. A furnace that has cracks and leaks will release a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide, which can potentially cause life-threatening symptoms. Patterson technicians today continue a 70-year tradition of keeping Charlotte HVAC systems functioning safely. Our inspections identify and alert you to any possible sources of carbon monoxide, as well as any fire hazards such as faulty electrical equipment. In addition, we install carbon monoxide detectors, a staple for any home that uses gas-fueled equipment, whether it be a furnace, stove, or space-heater.

At Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve helped Charlotte, NC homes stay warm and safe through every winter since 1946. Call us to schedule your pre-winter heating system checkup today!

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