Simple Steps to Check Your AC: Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning’s Handy Guide

September 11, 2023by admin
Simple Steps to Check Your AC: Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning’s Handy Guide

Feeling the heat due to AC woes? Before diving into worry mode, a quick check can sometimes do the trick. And remember, whenever you’re feeling stuck, Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning has got your back! Dive into our easy-to-follow guide:

AC Not Kicking In?

  • Thermostat Check: Ensure it’s on “cool” and set a bit lower than your room’s current temp.
  • Circuit Breakers: They can occasionally trip. Reset it once, but if it’s acting up, give us a shout.
  • External Switch: Some systems have an external on/off switch. Double-check it’s in the ON position. No luck? We’re just a call away.

AC’s Humming, But Where’s the Cool?

  • Thermostat Peek: It’s always good to double-check the set temperature.
  • Air Filter: Dust and grime block cool breezes. A quick clean or change might do wonders.
  • Evaporator Coil: Spot ice? Power off the AC and let it thaw. If it’s a recurring frosty issue, get in touch.

Airflow Feeling a Bit Shy?

  • Air Filter: A cluttered filter can be the sneaky cause. A fresh one might make all the difference.
  • Air Vents: Make sure nothing’s blocking their groove—like furniture or drapey curtains.
  • Ductwork: Suspecting a leak? A temporary duct tape patch can help. For more serious leaks, we’re here to assist.

AC Playing keeps turning on and off?

  • Coils: They can’t do their job well if they’re covered in dirt. A gentle cleaning might help.
  • Thermostat Spot: Sitting near sunlight or a lamp can throw it off. Maybe it’s time for a new spot or some advice from us.

Seeing Water Puddles?

  • Condensate Drain: Blockages like dirt or algae might be the party crashers. A little clean-up could send them packing.
  • Overflow Pan: If it’s looking beat up, that could be your water culprit. Some patches or a new pan might be the answer.

AC Making Funny Sounds?

  • Rattles or Buzzes: Possibly just something loose. A quick check and tighten can hush them.
  • Whistles or Hisses: Best to play it safe and ring us for this one.
  • Grinding Noises: Time to hit the off switch and reach out to Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning.

Unpleasant Odors?

  • Musty Whiff: Maybe some mold’s settled in. A clean could clear the air, but if the scent stays, let the pros take a look.
  • Burnt Scent: Safety alert! Switch off and dial Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning ASAP.

To Wrap Things Up

A quick look and tweak can sometimes sort out minor AC hiccups. But when in doubt or overwhelmed, count on the friendly experts at Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning. Here’s to keeping cool and breezy!

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