Charlotte HVAC Maintenance Lowers Your House Fire Risk and Keeps You Cool

An annual maintenance service visit from a professional Charlotte HVAC company will keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly. Did you also know that a maintenance visit will lower the risk of a house fire? House fires are commonly caused by electrical outlets or connections getting too hot, as well as from malfunctioning appliances or other equipment. Your AC unit needs to be regularly checked to prevent this type of catastrophe as well as maintaining the efficiency of your unit. Patterson Heating and Air provides Charlotte air conditioning repairs and maintenance to keep your cooling system from overheating and causing a potential house fire.

Recommended HVAC Maintenance Increases Safety in Your Home

Not only will you breathe better indoors with an AC tune-up, you will also increase the safety of your home. Dirty and dusty air conditioning components can slow down the system, making your AC unit’s fan motor work harder than normal and possibly overheating. Loose parts can also cause damage to your system, causing it to malfunction completely. Take care of your heating and cooling systems with annual maintenance, and you will also enjoy lower energy bills. This summer, recommends having an AC maintenance visit from a certified technician:

Clean, or have your interior AC coils cleaned, and replace your return air filters regularly. This will prevent the fan motor from being overworked, and also save money on your energy bill. For window air conditioners, never use extension cords!

Lubricate belt drive pulleys (where applicable), boss bearings on drive motors, and other equipment as needed.

Have the resistance coils or furnace burners cleaned and serviced at the beginning of the heating season, since debris may accumulate there while the system is off during the summer.”

Charlotte Air Conditioning Repairs May be Necessary to Extend the Life of Your System

If it seems like your air conditioner is running on its last leg, you may need an AC repair to keep it going longer. If you wait it out, your AC unit may stop working completely, leaving you in an uncomfortable predicament. Schedule a Charlotte air conditioning repair as soon as you notice that it is not working properly. This will also help you to keep your family safer, so the sooner you can schedule a repair, the better. Patterson Heating and Air has trained technicians to perform a thorough examination and repair of your cooling system so you can rest easy knowing it is operating safely.

From a Simple Repair to a Complex System Installation, Hire a Qualified Professional

It may seem easy to get the repair done by a handyman, but you could be putting your family’s safety at risk. When you hire a certified and trained technician for your HVAC service needs, you can have a peace of mind knowing that all of the safety measures are followed and the installation, maintenance or repair has been performed correctly. Your family’s safety and comfort are of the highest importance to Patterson Heating and Air, and we make sure that your Charlotte HVAC services are performed efficiently and correctly each time. When you need an air conditioning repair, annual maintenance visit or replacement heating or cooling system, please contact us at 336-349-4415.

(Source: How to Prevent a House Fire,, 2015)

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