Heating Tips For Staying Safe During a Power Outage in Charlotte

December 2, 2014by Sophie The Dog


Heating Tips For Staying Safe During a Power Outage in Charlotte

Charlotte residents saw a lot of snow last winter, and this year’s forecasts indicate a similar weather pattern. Snow storms are beautiful to watch, but they sometimes lead to power outages. Be prepared for one to occur this season and you will be safer and more comfortable in your home during the outage. At Patterson Heating and Air, we have provided safety tips to follow so you will be ready for an outage, and have the right supplies on hand to stay safe in your home. We also recommend a seasonal tune-up and HVAC repair in Charlotte, NC to keep your furnace healthy and running at optimal capacity throughout the winter season. Our qualified technicians will restore your HVAC system’s efficiency so it will be ready for any weather like ice storms, snow, and freezing temperatures. By following the steps below, your family will be safe and more comfortable during a power outage:

  • Use your fireplace for warmth, but make sure the flue is open.

  • Hang a blanket or towel behind the sink pipes

  • Let the air under your sink stay warmer by keeping doors open so pipes do not freeze.

  • Cover gaps under doors with blankets or towels. Close your drapes to keep the warm air inside of your home, blocking the cold outside air.

Our knowledgeable technicians at Patterson Heating and Air will educate you on ideal thermostat settings for the winter season, and provide timely and professional service for your HVAC system in Charlotte. Some additional tips for staying warm and healthy this winter include:

  • Make sure that ventilation areas are not blocked by furniture or other objects.

  • Change the furnace filters once a month, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Clean metal filters with warm, soapy water.

  • If you own a generator, only operate it outside, using extension cables to connect your appliances from inside of the home.
  • Create a Power Outage Necessities bin, with plenty of drinking water, food and first aid supplies on hand, along with heat packs or hand warmers.

Residents in Charlotte will have stories about how they survived the worst ice storm that the Charlotte area has seen. Many of the Charlotte residents were without power for 3-5 days in freezing temperatures, as a result of the thick ice breaking branches on trees and knocking down power lines. Battery conservation and the use of LED lights were particularly helpful to have on hand, along with food, water, and a way to keep warm – vented fireplaces, generators, and outdoor grills for heating food. At Patterson Heating and Air, we will make sure that your furnace will continue to work efficiently after an outage by preparing it for the season now with a full tune-up. Our affordable and exceptional maintenance, repair and furnace installation services will keep your home and business safe this season. Call us today at (704) 288-4535.

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