Identifying When You Need a New Furnace Installation in Charlotte

October 29, 2015by Sophie The Dog

It’s that time of year again when homeowners need to start thinking about the cold weather setting in and they start thinking about a new furnace installation completed before the cold weather hits.

Issues to Consider for a New Charlotte Furnace Installation

One of the first considerations when analyzing whether it is time to replace your furnace is the unit’s age. The typical life span of a furnace is between ten to fifteen years. If your unit is close to or between these numbers, then you should probably start looking at a new furnace installation. While most homeowners cringe at the thought of replacing their HVAC units, actually the newer systems are typically much more energy efficient and can result in substantial annual savings.

Age is not the only consideration when choosing to replace your furnace. Furnaces decrease in efficiency as they age. If your unit is running longer to achieve the desired temperature, this can also be a sign that the furnace needs to be replaced, as well. Plus, older units tend to need more repairs toward the end of their useful ife and, sometimes, begin making strange noises (rattling, banging, squealing noises).

In today’s heating and air conditioning markets, there are many different choices and options. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, choosing a heating system that has a built-in air cleaner or dehumidifier may be an option. If you travel a lot or you are gone for extended periods of time, programmable thermostats that connect to your smart phone can save you money when you are not home.

Of course replacing your older unit not only saves you money but is an investment that can increase the value of your home. The formula for calculating the return on investment is simple. You divide the first year savings by the installation cost of the unit. So if you invest $3,000 in a new heating unit and your first year savings is $270, then your return on investment is 9%. Of course, fuel costs increases each year and as it increases your annual savings also increases, which in turn increases your return on investment, as well. For example, if your second year fuel costs increases to $1,500, then the annual savings increases to $405 and your return on investment increases to 13 ½ %.

If you need a new furnace installation in Charlotte, then Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning is the company to call. Our 100% guarantee gives you peace of mind. Whether you need air conditioning repair, a new furnace installation or a completely new system, we are here for you. All of our technicians are NATE certified and experienced in all aspects of HVAC systems. If you experience problems with any of the heating and air conditioning components we installed or used during repairs, call us and we will replace them, free of charge. Give us a call today at (704) 288-4535. 

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