Repair Your FurnaceDoes your furnace sound much noisier than usual, like a racquetball game is going on inside of it? If you hear excessive noise, or if the noise sounds different than it usually does, it is time to have it repaired before a complete breakdown occurs. It is better to catch it early, so you can fix the furnace before more costly repairs would be needed if the problem continues.

Here are a few other signs that your furnace needs a repair this season, as recommended by Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning in Charlotte, NC:

It Is Not Working

If the furnace simply won’t run, you definitely need a repair. This is a clear sign that the system is not working at all.

Turning Up the Thermostat a Few Degrees Does Not Work

If you seem to be doing this too often, or if turning up the heat does not work, you may need a repair. This could be a repair to your furnace or thermostat.

Your Electric Bill Suddenly Goes Up!

After months of reasonable or consistent bills, if you notice a sharp or steady increase, you may need to repair your furnace. Simple repairs save money. Once you discover the pattern of increased electric bills, call a service technician right away to find the problem.

The Pilot Light is Burning Yellow

If your pilot light is yellow instead of blue, the gas combination in your furnace may not be correct. This could lead to huge problems, including safety issues and a system fail. With the current combination, the furnace will be running less efficiently, so it is important to check this out. The longer it burns with an incorrect gas combination, the greater the future problems will be, so it is best to have it serviced right away.

Brrrr…The House is FREEZING

If you wake up after a cold night, and the house seems extremely chilly, that is a definite sign that the furnace is not working properly and needs a repair.

Prevent or Minimize Furnace Problems With These Tips

Keep your furnace well maintained. Semi-annual tune-up’s are recommended for optimal performance of your heating and air conditioning systems. Call Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning, your local heating and air conditioning repair specialists in Charlotte, NC.

Look for warning signs. If you see any of the above warning signs, call a reputable company, such as Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning, for all of your furnace service needs.

Fix small furnace problems immediately when they occur, preventing larger problems later on. At Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning, service technicians are available to assist 7 days a week!

Remember that regular maintenance and attention to small problems will prevent a complete system failure and costly repair bills. Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning will help you to keep your furnace working properly throughout the season, keeping your home comfortable and warm during the chilly seasons. For additional information, please visit our website at, where you will find special offers, reviews and frequently asked questions regarding heating and air conditioning service and maintenance.

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