The Right Sized Commercial HVAC System in Charlotte

December 18, 2014by Sophie The Dog

HVAC Commercial SystemsDo you need to upgrade or replace the HVAC system in your commercial building? There are many things to consider when selecting the right-sized commercial HVAC system in Charlotte, NC. At Patterson Heating and Air, we understand that finding the right system for your duct work and configuration will bring the greatest efficiency and savings to your business facility. Having an HVAC system that is larger than necessary has negative impacts in the following areas, according to The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Construction Innovation:

“Such “oversized” HVAC systems can have negative effects on the environment, on occupant comfort, as well as on the economic outcomes for the building.”

It is important to find a system that is exactly the right fit for your commercial heating needs, to ensure maximum comfort, the greatest energy efficiency and the lowest energy bills. If your HVAC system needs a repair, for instance repairing a leak or fixing the duct work, we can help. Patterson Heating and Air provides outstanding service and maintenance for commercial and residential HVAC systems. We assist our commercial customers in choosing the right-sized HVAC system to minimize repairs and extend the life of their systems. Some of the benefits realized by finding the right-sized commercial HVAC system include:

“Right-sizing would lead to energy-efficient operation, resulting in annual energy and energy cost saving. Additionally, savings in maintenance from lower equipment breakdown rates would result as the systems would operate for a greater number of hours nearer their design point.”

How about an under-sized HVAC system? It will cost less, however it will not get the indoor temperature as comfortable as desired:

“If an HVAC system is undersized, there will be more hours per year when the plant is running fully loaded, and the system will not be able to hold indoor design conditions even on a design day, let alone any hotter days; that is, temperatures in these air-conditioned spaces will rise.”

At Patterson Heating and Air, we have the expertise to provide you with new HVAC system recommendations, after a thorough evaluation of your business space, including capacity, existing duct work, office schedules, humidity levels, the number of employees in various areas of the building, window sizes and locations, and more. We will examine your budgetary needs and energy efficiency requirements, providing a range of options that will provide optimal performance and energy efficiency for your commercial facility. Maintenance and HVAC repairs in Charlotte, NC will be greatly reduced when an HVAC system is the right-size for your commercial heating needs

We stay up to date with HVAC trends and energy rebates to provide you with the most affordable, energy efficient commercial HVAC systems in the Charlotte area. The brands that we carry have been trusted for their performance and safety, and our repeat customers trust the personalized service they consistently receive from our trained technicians. For residential and commercial HVAC systems in Charlotte, contact Patterson Heating and Air at (704) 288-4535.

(Source: HVAC System Size: Getting it Right,, 2007)

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