Ready, Set, Winterize.

January 15, 2015by Sophie The Dog


Winter weather is here, and with the holiday season here, you want to make sure that your home stays comfortable and warm during the next few months. Get your home ready for freezing temperature with an annual furnace tune-up to ensure that your heat will be on and running at full capacity this winter. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur and needing a repair service for your heating system in Charlotte, our certified technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your furnace to make sure it is safely working for the coldest months of the year. The following are some of the winterizing steps to ensure a safe and comfortable winter season, provided by

Close storm windowsMake sure every last one is shut tight and you could save as much as 10 percent in heating costs. 

Protect Your PipesBefore the first frost, remove your garden hose from the spigot, then find and close its shutoff valve (usually located in the basement or garage). 

Stop the draftEver notice that drafts tend to emanate from wall outlets and switches? That’s because there’s little or no insulation behind the electrical boxes that hold the wiring.  Solution: Remove the screws and the cover plate, add an insulated gasket (a foam liner that costs about 10 cents at, then reattach the plate.

Fill in the cracksThat space where the baseboard meets the floor can be closed invisibly with a sealant.  Use latex-based product in a color that matches your trim.

Check for gapsFill holes, cracks and voids in your attic floor and basement ceiling with expandable insulating foam.”

Be prepared for the winter temperatures in Charlotte by following the checklist and making sure to have a complete HVAC checkup done by a trained professional. At Patterson Heating and Air, we offer outstanding HVAC repair, maintenance and installation services to residential and commercial customers. It is important to seal any leaks or gaps in the venting system of your furnace, and we have sophisticated diagnostic equipment to discover these problem areas so our certified technicians can fix them quickly. With prompt attention to areas that could eventually lead to potential system failures, we keep furnaces healthy and safe with attention to heating and air in Charlotte.

With these easy to do winterizing steps and a furnace tune-up, your winter outlook is bright. Stay comfortable and healthy this winter and enjoy your furnace longer with routine furnace maintenance. Experience high quality services for heating and air in Charlotte with Patterson Heating and Air. Filling in the gaps, sealing off drafts and protecting pipes will keep your home energy efficient this season. Protect your most valuable investment, your home, by following the winterizing tips and keeping your HVAC in Charlotte up to date with scheduled maintenance and repairs. For all of your heating and air conditioning needs in Charlotte and surrounding areas, contact (704) 288-4535.

(Source: 14 Tips for Winterizing Your Home,, 2014)



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