Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage A/C Systems in Charlotte

August 10, 2016by Sophie The Dog

Lady Using a Fan To Cool Off Black and WhiteSummer in the Carolinas would be virtually unbearable without A/C. A quality air-conditioner supplies your home with cool, refreshing air that makes the indoors a refuge from oppressive heat. However, the type of A/C system you have can make a difference in how comfortable the air in your home is. Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing affordable and honest solutions to residents in the Charlotte area since 1946.

Your HVAC system includes either a single-stage or two-stage air conditioner. Each one operates differently, and therefore can provide different levels of comfort. Two-stage A/C units offer multiple benefits that make a system upgrade a worthy investment.

How is Two-Stage A/C Different?

Single-stage, or standard, systems have a compressor that can only run at high speed. This causes the A/C unit to alternate between blowing cold air at full capacity and shutting off. Your air conditioner uses the most power when it turns on, and it also creates more wear and tear on the system each time it stops and starts. Two-stage compressors have both high and low speed settings, allow the system to pump cool air continuously with less stops and starts. So, by having your system running longer at a lower speed reduces your power bill.

Advantages of Two-Stage Systems

Without the need to constantly turn on and off, two-stage systems function much more efficiently, resulting in significantly lowered energy bills. This also reduces indoor humidity, which can be horrible in the Charlotte area. They also employ variable speed air handlers, which circulate the appropriate amount of air through your home. This increased efficiency also prolongs the life of your HVAC system, reducing maintenance costs. The consistency of two-stage systems means they provide more comfortable air than single-stage systems, which either blow intense, cold air or none at all. The low-speed of two-stage systems delivers cool, satisfying air, and when temperatures soar, the high speed kicks in. Superior efficiency and comfort make two-stage systems the standard in A/C.

When the summer heat won’t let up, a two-stage air conditioner can turn your home into an oasis of comfort. Call Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning today to ask about better A/C for your home!

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