Wild weather conditions ahead? Get your furnace ready…

June 12, 2014by Sophie The Dog



Wild Weather Conditions Ahead? Get Your Furnace Ready…

Let’s be honest. Last year’s winter was brutal for the Charlotte area. According to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, we experienced a 258% increase in the amount of snowfall, compared to the 30-year norm. 9.3 inches of snow fell between December 2013 and February 2014, making it one of the coldest, snowiest winter seasons that the Charlotte region has ever seen. Were residents prepared for it? Probably not, since we have enjoyed milder winter conditions previously. A great working furnace in Charlotte, NC was a wonderful thing to have during those wintry conditions. Many are wondering, will this winter be similar? On LiveWeatherBlogs.com, it is predicted that the Charlotte area is expected to have extreme weather, yet again:

Charlotte and most of North Carolina had some interesting weather the last 12 months and with the expected arrival of El Nino in NC we may sit smack dab in the middle of severe weather and snowstorms this winter.  The Jet Stream and El Nino will play a major role on the winter season and both will make for some extreme weather from week to week.”

So, the effects of El Nino and the Jet Stream will most likely bring severe weather, and it is vital to have highly functioning heating and air in Charlotte, NC this winter. Not only will we experience cold temperatures, but we will also experience springtime conditions some of the time:

After a long 4-year absence of El Nino we here at Liveweatherblogs.com are very confident we are heading into a weak to moderate El Nino. A weak to moderate El Nino for Charlotte and most of North Carolina means a variety of winter weather. We will see wild swings in temperatures from 20’s to 70’s throughout the winter season.”

These wild temperature swings means that your furnace will be working longer on the cold days and getting a break on the warmer days. At Patterson Heating and Air in Charlotte, NC, we want your furnace to run optimally throughout the entire season of escalating and dipping temperatures, ensuring a well-balanced, comfortable indoor air temperature in your home. A seasonal maintenance visit by one of our certified technicians will keep your family warm and safe this upcoming season. If you don’t want to worry about the efficiency of your furnace on the coldest day of the winter season, you can contact us to clean and inspect your HVAC unit, to ensure that they are calibrated and working at peak performance.

The Charlotte region will see a huge variety of weather this winter:

This will not be like last winter, we’ll get a few spring-like days this winter esp. the first half of the winter in Charlotte. Expect the unexpected in this upcoming El Nino winter. Mild and sunny one week and cold and raw the next. If you want variety in your winter weather this is the winter to follow. The winter will start warmer and drier than normal and end on the colder, snowier side in February and March.”

It’s good to be prepared, and we have the resources and experience to provide a fall tune-up for your furnace. We don’t want your furnace to have an unexpected breakdown on a snowy, cold day. With varying temperatures throughout the season, your furnace will be working extra hard to keep up with all of the changes. That demand will mean that it’s more important than ever to inspect your furnace now, before the temperatures change suddenly. Our HVAC experts at Patterson Heating and Air can make your home more comfortable during the upcoming winter weather conditions.

Source: Charlotte Concord Gastonia NC Winter Forecast 2014-2015 North Carolina WInter Outlook, www.liveweatherblogs.com,Spring 2014)

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