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December 20, 2015by Sophie The Dog

When it comes to heating and air in Charlotte, NC the two most important considerations are safety and efficiency. A properly functioning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system will keep you and the loved ones in your household safe from unnecessary risks like carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. After the safety of your family, the next most important concern is saving money. To lower your heating costs, you need an efficiently running furnace. There are high-efficiency HVAC systems available, but if you are interested in getting the best performance out of your current system, consider scheduling a tune-up from a professional heating and air company. A system tune-up, often referred to as preventative maintenance in the HVAC industry, will also improve the safety of your furnace.

HVAC Preventative maintenance keeps your family safe

You may or may not give much thought to household safety. You probably have smoke detectors and might have carbon monoxide detectors, but you probably don’t think about all the reasons you need them. Often we assume our greatest fire risk comes from the kitchen, but another fire hazard could be your furnace. Furnaces have safety features to reduce the risk of fire, but they still burn fuel to create the heat that warms your home. If dirt, dust, and soot build up in your furnace it can lead to flame-ups that pose a greater fire risk. If the pilot light isn’t functioning properly it can be a fire hazard. These are things that can easily be fixed by regular heating maintenance.

Lower your heating costs this winter with an HVAC tune-up

After the safety of your family, another heating related concern is cost. If you are interested in reducing your heating costs this year, consider calling a professional Heating and Air Conditioning technician for a tune-up. A trained technician will inspect, clean, and repair your furnace so that it is in good working order. Worn out parts will be replaced, moving parts will be lubricated, and a thorough cleaning will be performed. These steps all improve the efficiency of your furnace, meaning you will require less fuel to heat your home and your monthly bill will be lower. Your furnace is less likely to break down, and you avoid paying for emergency repairs. You will also get more years out of your furnace because it has been well maintained.

Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning will make sure your furnace is safe and efficient

If you need heating and air maintenance in Charlotte, NC, Patterson is a reliable choice. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will thoroughly inspect your heating system and make any adjustments necessary to be sure it is working safely and efficiently. We care about you and your family, and that is why we work diligently to keep you safe and save you money. Schedule an appointment online or call (704) 288-4535.   For more information on heating systems and maintenance:

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