Space Heater Safety Tips for Charlotte Residents

January 2, 2020by admin
space heater

It’s cold outside and you’re probably running your heating system quite a bit. What if you want it extra warm in one room and not in others (think getting out of a hot shower into a cold bathroom)? Consider purchasing a space heater. They’re a great way to warm up one area of your home without having to warm your entire home.

Space heaters are a great way to keep your Charlotte home warm and reduce heating costs, but they do not come without risks. You’ve probably heard stories of house fires in the winter. Often the culprit is a space heater. They can be a dangerous item for your home when not used properly. Read below for space heater safety tips.


Choose the Right Space Heater for You and Your Needs

Fuel-burning space heaters can be more dangerous than electric space heaters, but electric won’t work as an emergency heat source if you lose power in your home.  If you want to buy a space heater for an emergency heat-source then make sure the area you put the space heater is properly ventilated and make sure you are using the appropriate fuel for your particular heater.  

If you need the space heater to keep some rooms warmer than others, then only use the space heater in occupied rooms. If you’re not in the room, then it is best to turn it off. Remember, turn it off before you go to sleep at night. While you may want to use your space heater to keep your bedroom warm while you sleep; it is best to turn it off while you sleep. 

Also, only buy a space heater designed for the area you need to heat. A space heater designed for a large room should not be used in a small space. Always follow the guidelines and instructions that come with your heater.  The experts at Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning would be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Safety First in Charlotte, NC

Before using your space heater, make sure it is safety certified. There should be a UL or Underwriters Laboratories logo on the back to let you know it is safe to use. Also, you should never use a space heater unless your smoke and CO2 alarms are working (which you should always have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors). Inspect cords to ensure that they are not damaged or frayed. Make sure it is plugged securely into an outlet. 

When choosing a place to set up your space heater, keep in mind that it should be three feet away from combustible materials (such as file cabinets, clothes, beds, curtains, etc.) and be sure to keep it away from water. People often like to use a small space heater in the bathroom during the winter, but make sure to keep it from getting wet. 

Also, your space heater should be placed on the ground and not counters or tables. Your space heater should have an automatic shut-down feature so that it turns off if it were to tip over. Under Writers Laboratories’ label should be displayed on the heater. Do not run extension cords under rugs or cover them in anyway.

Space heaters are a great way to warm your home, but you need to be vigilant and smart when using them. Keep your kids and pets away from them and don’t leave space heaters unattended.

Your team at Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to your family’s health and safety.  Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about a space heater in your home.

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